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fp3as1Ask-A-Nurse First is a boutique education company that offers comprehensive education and training seminars designed to advance the knowledge, critical thinking and skill set of those working in the health care profession. With a team of board certified and advanced practice nurses as speakers, we deliver high quality education rooted in evidence-based practice and national guidelines.

Classes and lectures are offered in the San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County and Riverside areas at scheduled times. Additional classes can be arranged at your site and anywhere in the nation.

When wanting to learn the latest and greatest in health care, always Ask-A-Nurse First.

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Ask-A-Nurse First offers a variety of classes including:

Virtual Tutoring

Let our expert faculty help you achieve the clinical knowledge you aspire to have. Our Virtual Tutoring Products combines the best of all worlds.

PCCN Review Courses

This two day seminar offers 14 CEs and is designed for RNs who practice in Telemetry, Intermediate Care, Direct Observation, and Transitional Care Units.

Cardiac-Vascular Nursing Certification Review

This two-day seminar is a concentrated review of major cardiac and vascular disease processes coupled with current treatment modalities and best practice recommendations for the adult patient.

ECG Essentials Courses

This two day seminar is designed for nurses and other health care professionals with little or no experience in assessing and analyzing ECG rhythms.

Beyond Sinus Rhythm: Recognition & Treatments

This one day seminar is designed for nurses and other health care providers who have previously completed a basic ECG course and desire to review the following ECG rhythms: Junctional, 2nd and 3rd degree heart blocks, bundle branch blocks, Torsades de Pointes, paced rhythms, along with atrial and ventricular dysrhythmias.

MI Recognition & Intro to 12-Lead ECG

This one day seminar is designed to teach nurses and other health providers the fundamentals of 12 lead ECG abnormalities associated with ischemia, injury and patterns of infarction.